This blog is an open forum for free speech. To participate you can either:

1) Post a comment by clicking on the comment link provided under each post.
2) E-mail with a post topic or post that you would like us to upload
3) E-mail us at and ask to join our blog network.
4) Or simply follow the instructions below under 'Posting Network'


To avoid all the hassle of registering for blogspot and creating a username/password, we have created one public name that anyone can use to post posts onto the soapboxevent blog site.

There is no need to e-mail us for this user name. Simply follow the directions below and become a part of our conversation.

Password: soapbox1 (case sensitive)

1) Go to Blogspot's login page

2)Using the username and password above, sign in.

3) You will see an option to 'view blog' soapboxevent. Click on this link

4)Once you are on the soapboxevent blog look at the right hand menu bar and click on 'New Post'

5) This link will take you to the Post template in which you can write your thoughts to whatever length you desire. When you're finished simple click 'Publish Post' and your post will appear on the soapbox blog site.

So You Know:

We hoped to make it as easy as possible to contribute to our public speech blogs, but we've run across some limitations due to using Google's blogger technology. We are not criticizing Google by any means, and we hope you'll understand why the instructions appear somewhat complex. We hope it won't discourage contributers and if it does please e-mail us your responses and we'll post them for you.